Auto Renewal Membership/Cancelation Details:

BEFORE joining our services, take note of the simple cancelation and membership management policy…

Once you join any of our services, you are purchasing access to that given service for a full month from the day you joined. You can cancel any time during your month, canceling will stop any future renewals and discontinue your membership at the end of your month. Your monthly subscription will renew/be charged automatically each subscription period, unless you terminate it prior to your monthly period expiring.

Your monthly subscription begins the day you signed up to the service and renews automatically a month from that date. You can cancel/unsubscribe any time prior to your next monthly renewal date via your  “My Account” > “Subscriptions/Edit Your Subscription” page found on our website once you log in to your account using your unique user name and password.

Canceling your service so that you are not charged is your sole responsibility and all you need to do is click the cancel button found on your “My Account” page. We are in no way obligated nor do we express the ability to honor requests of cancellation via email or other means. Email providers are often unreliable and messages can be filtered by spam folders which we have no control over. Therefore, canceling your membership is YOUR sole responsibility and by entering into any of our services you are expressing your understanding of and taking this responsibility upon yourself to cancel should you not want to be charged again. We are in no way obligated nor will we be held responsible should you not cancel your account in a timely fashion as you the user have full control over this process.

Cancellations take effect as of your next billing date, which is noted on your Subscriptions page. As previously stated, fees will not be refunded or prorated. You must cancel your subscription BEFORE it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card. Our membership system is fully automated and the renewal dates are clearly displayed to you, so there is no confusion as to EXACTLY when you will be charged on your renewal should you not cancel prior. Once you cancel, you will have access to the service until your month time period runs out.

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