Email & Text Alerts:

EMAIL/SMS: Our memberships come with email alerts included. SMS alerts are an additional $5/mo.

If you do not see the email alerts in your inbox, please check your spam / junk / promotional email folders. If you find them there, mark as “not spam” or “not junk”.

**Please do not use a work or university email address as your email on file, as they have strict spam filters and our emails will likely be blocked entirely. It is best to use a simple gmail or yahoo account.

Most members from most countries get our SMS alerts with no issues. If you are not getting our SMS text alerts, please go to your “My Account” page and verify your phone number and country code are correctly selected. If the number is correct in your “My Account” settings and you are still not getting the text alerts, please contact us.

We do not attach the links to alerts because they are more likely to get marked as spam when including a link, therefore not attaching the link is for the benefit of our members. We advise you mark our website as a favorite on your mobile device and computer for easier access.

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