Refund Policy

We do not offer free trials or refunds, therefore once you sign up for a month, you are committing to the month and all the benefits that come with that. If you sign up and find that the service is not for you (likely your account is too small, you have a hard time following … Read more

If you have PayPal Payment issues:

Some customers have experienced issues with PayPal payments, we have made PayPal aware of this. If you just signed up and payed via PayPal, but don’t have immediate access to membership content, there may be a temporarily hold on the account. If this occurs, you can try to log out and log back in. If … Read more

Verified Investing Crypto: How the service works.

The service is very straightforward and easy to follow, even for beginners. Follow the trade alerts that are sent via email and SMS text add on (which we recommend having until we launch our app in a couple of months). Watch the Daily Analysis Videos, posted daily on the Main Feed (time may vary). You … Read more

Does Gareth use leverage / margin when trading crypto?

Gareth does not use leverage when trading crypto and he does not recommend members use it. Therefore, it is your choice if you’d like to use it. You have to have a margin account and need to use “what is described as margin / leverage to short”. But using leverage in the real world, means you are using … Read more

Live Broadcasts:

Gareth’s hosts a bi-weekly Live Broadcast for his crypto service members on Monday’s 2:00pm ET, where members can ask their questions directly to Gareth (he gets to as many questions as he can, but he cannot get to all of them, so if you have a question that you really want answered, it is best … Read more

PPT Methodology / Advanced Trading Education Webinars:

If you would like to learn more about the Proprietary Price, Pattern, and Time Methodology please see “The Methodology Revealed” Webinar here, along with many other great webinars to advance your trading knowledge.

Gareth’s Stock Alert Service:

If you are also interested in swing trading stocks with Gareth, please see his flagship service, Verified Investing Alerts at This service includes all buy / sell alerts, daily analysis videos, and weekly live broadcasts.

Discounts / Combining Crypto & Stocks Services:

There is not a discount for combining Verified Investing Crypto and Verified Investing Alerts (Gareth’s flagship service for swing trading stocks via as they are completely separate companies, but you can get a discount for each service if you purchase one or both for a year. If you purchase VIC for a year it is … Read more

Time zone difference & alerts:

Gareth lives in the east coast time zone Eastern Time (ET), and usually sends alerts during the day time hours in that time zone. If you live in a different time zone, it is up to you if you want to keep your computer and/or phone notifications on and be alerted at the time the … Read more